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Derby Enterprises.
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         ...designing and creating signs and Vinyl lettering with distinct quality and style!


 Derby Enterprises is personally owned and operated by Ray Derby. It is a unique service company, well suited to develop logos, lettering and sign projects for your small business and associations; perfect for individuals with a home based business. Able to provide personal attention to your projects and can assure exceptional service. 

Derby strives to produce
 signage that not only displays information, but also presents the image you wish to portray.

                       "a quality sign reflects a quality business"

I understand that your signage speaks to the world for you, and it is vital that they deliver your message with visual impact; quickly and clearly.

"...you never get a second chance to make a first impression..."      


It is important to create lettering or signs that is more than just text, color and graphics. A great sign has to "WORK", it must perform. It must inform people immediately, without confusion, what they want to hear and need to know...such as: who, what, why, when, and how much.

I design sign layout that has eye appeal, but also delivers the intended message.  Eye appeal doesn’t mean "fancy" or "tricky", it means graphically stimulating. I sometimes have to harness my creative impulses and concentrate on the basic ingredients of good layout.

Good layout leads the eye through the composition quickly by highlighting or putting emphasis on the most important information. You must assign an order of importance to the copy, decide what the most important thought is, and give it absolute prominence. Next decide what is second most important, and so on. This is achieved by varying the size, color, and style of the letters, also by varying the line value of letters – light, medium, and bold.

I deliver signs and lettering that are unlike the boring “franchise” sign stores, or like the overzealous “graphic artist” that insists on displaying all of his graphics tricks on your sign blank. 

I strive to create a layout that produces clean, clear, effective signs and lettering.

All your Vinyl lettering and signs are derived from: my genuine interest and enthusiasm - creativity - latest technology PC software - precision plotter hardware - premium high performance materials - and meticulous attention to detail.


Derby Enterprises is prepared to help you with your signage needs, from start to finish.
Whether you need an original logo design, or want to incorporate your existing logo into a sign, window lettering, a vehicle "magnetic sign", or even just a “bumper sticker”, no job is too small.

Together we can develop your thoughts, or hand drawn sketch, into a "completed sign project".
Your original ideas (or mine) are developed using "Computer Assisted Design" software.

You will be provided with rough design “drafts” to allow you to choose the layout or "look" that you like best. Your chosen artwork design is then refined and presented again for your final approval. 
You and I can communicate by phone, fax or email to discuss the design and easily complete your project. I can provide your full color artwork drafts by email PDF. Files (Adobe Reader), or (color) FAX.
Your "approved" lettering and graphics are then produced on state-of-the-art computerized plotting equipment, using the finest premium Vinyl films, in the latest vivid colors. They are  then delivered locally, or shipped anywhere.

Application instructions are included with your Vinyl lettering, or magnetic vehicle signs. 
If you are located in the Bay Area (Contra Costa or
Alameda Counties, CA.) I can do the installation of your Vinyl lettering on your vehicles, store windows, etc. Just ask for an installation estimate with your inquiry. 


Derby is your Artwork Design, Vinyl lettering, special project, specialist - No job is too small! 

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