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Example of a "Request" for a sign or lettering.
You send me an email note like this...


I would like a pair of vehicle magnetic signs, 12" x 24" with the following information -
Linda's day care. 30 Yrs. experiance. Infant to age 4. 925 706-2059.
Blue lettering. What can you come up with? How much?

Thanks, Linda

I respond by email...  

 Linda, thanks for the request.
How would this work for you?
(I will include a PDF. file of your artwork for you to approve).  

I'll apply the Blue Vinyl lettering on 12" x 24"  magnetic material.
Cost is  $60. for a pair of signs, Artwork, Materials & Labor included.

Let me Know. (Y
ou can have it by Friday).
Thanks, Ray

Please note, the REAL product is HIGH quality, as is the PDF file that you would actually receive by email. The image above is for this example only.

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 After you approve the artwork, and tell me to complete the order, I will make it available to easily purchase at my "catalog" page - credit card or Pay-Pal.
When the purchase is made I ship your order. EASY.


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