Custom Banners
Vinyl Banners that are truly "Custom" Banners.

Derby's custom Banners are created especially for YOU and your application. Your Banner will include high quality, original artwork to clearly present your message and the image you want to convey.

I strive to create a banner design and layout that is consistent with professional sign art design techniques; Clean, Clear, and Effective.

Your custom banner is assembled from high performance materials. The Vinyl lettering and graphics are produced on my state of the art Summagraphics digital equipment.
You provide the idea, text, aproximate size... and I create the artwork. I will then provide a rough  “draft” to allow you to see the layout and "look" of your Banner. You may request changes to the artwork. Your artwork design is then refined and presented again for your final approval.
We can communicate by phone, fax, or email to discuss the design and easily complete your project. I can provide your full color artwork drafts by email PDF. files (Adobe Reader) or by color fax.

The process allows for Low cost and high quality. Standard Banner material is 10 oz. Vinyl receptive, hemmed, with grommets installed, plastic ties are supplied for mounting.
Standard Banner colors are White, Blue, Yellow, Black and Red. Custom colors are available.

Your text and graphics will be produced in high performance, premium Vinyl film, in the most Vivid Colors.  

My layout table allows me to assemble banners that are up to 3 feet wide (or tall), up to 8 feet long.

Pricing is simplified by breaking down the project by the complexity; "Simple" vs. "Complex". Simple designs are generally basic lettering in one or two colors, while complex designs include graphics or a logo, and multible colors.

Prices will be quoted, however, you can estimate the cost by multiplying the square footage of the banner by $4.85 for Simple designs, and up to $7.00 for more complex designs. Price includes artwork design, materials and labor.
Standard is artwork on one side. 2-sided banners are available for a 55% up charge.

Example; a 2' X 6' long, 1 color, 2-3 lines of text, custom designed, "announcement" banner with lettering on one side, will cost about $58. ( 2x6 = 12 x $4.85 = $58.20. )

Easy to purchase and ship.
Your banner can be made "available" to purchase on my website "catalog" page so you can simply "click on it", and safely purchase through Pay-Pal or a credit card of your choice. Simple and Safe.
Your personal banner drops off the catalog page as soon as you purchase it.

I will be happy to discuss your banner ideas with you.

Derby is your Artwork Design, Vinyl lettering, special project, specialist - No job is too small! 

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